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Good day!
This here is the first and only LJ community dedicated to the wonderfully talented singer and kooky moon child in the sky Tsukiko Amano [天野月子]. She is now a major artist having emerged from the Indies scene in 2001. She's released 7 albums and counting and if you haven't noticed 4 of them are named somewhat abstractly after Hollywood actresses [Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Winona Ryder and Uma Thurman respectively.] Why? Who knows! It is best not to ponder too deeply on the crazy workings of Amano.

R U L E S . . .
Thankfully this is a very friendly and frequently updated community but please remember:
o1. Support Amano! You can buy her CDs from Yesasia.
o2. I have no problem with posts requesting music but please try and keep this to a minimum.
o3.If you're posting anything...ahem..illegal please friendslock your entry!
o4. Feel free to post websites, news, scans, videos anything relating to Amano. Anything not pertaining to Amano however (such as community advertising) will be deleted.

L I N K S . . .
Romaji lyrics . Beyond the Camera’s Lens . Amano's Official Page . Artist Page . Voice Over . Translated lyrics