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Susume Tiger Lyrics? [January
→15th at 11:15am]

Haha, this comm is totally dead. =______=;; Hopefully there's someone still here!

I was wondering if anyone has lyrics to Susume Tiger, or at the very least scans of the kanji. I'd prefer both parts, but if I can only get the lyrics to one part, that would be fine. I know that this is a rare one, but it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :D
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Tsuki Amano [April
→17th at 10:27am]

Good news, looks like she's back:
- http://monsters-cafe.blogspot.com/2010/01/dear-overseas-fans.html
- There's a new single out, Hikari no Circus (just one song apparently).
- And then there's this too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLegzVJlMmE
So keep the news coming :) .
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icons! [June
→23rd at 1:54am]

[ mood | indescribable ]


Hamasaki Ayumi - [10]
Utada Hikaru - [10]
Plastic Tree - Arimura Ryuutarou - [8]
Plastic Tree - Nakayama Akira - [2]
Onitsuka Chihiro - [10]
Salyu - [5]
Amano Tsukiko - [5]

See them here at parched_earth ! 8D

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Icons! Yay! [May
→18th at 5:31pm]

I've been making icons and thought I'd share them with you nice people here.


Link to the icons

Be gentle, these are my first attempts at icon making.

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蝶 icons [April
→9th at 6:16pm]

20 icons of 天野月子 (蝶 PV)

the rest here @ candy_horror
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Amano-sama's ZERO Album [February
→28th at 2:32am]

[ mood | curious ]

I just got the album and I love it! Couple of questions though:

Is the song ZERO suppose to be English or is there also a Japanese verison?

What is this song: 
糸電話? I can't read Kanji yet. It's #6 on the album.

Is NOISE on the album or is it only on the single?


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Amano-san's message to overseas fans [August
→14th at 4:49pm]

[ mood | touched ]

I was looking at Amano's blog today, and I came across this entry regarding to the news she is no longer working under the title Amano Tsukiko:

Dear. Overseas fans

Thank you for your coming my blog.
I read comments all of you.
Thanks for leaving comments.

I wondered you were surprised when you knew my decision.
I’m sorry making you sad.

I always thought if I could see you.

Thank you for loving my works.
See you again, …someday somewhere somehow.

With a lot of love.
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ZERO [August
→8th at 3:23am]

ZERO album is up for pre-order on the following sites which ship internationally. Support Tsukko's last album by ordering yours today and sending the message that we all are going to miss her work!!



Tower Records

Yesasia has yet to add the title but should be in a few short days.
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Return to the Zero [August
→3rd at 2:52am]

as some of you must already know by now, Amano Tsukiko has posted in her blog, under the title "Return to the Zero" that with her current single and new album, ZERO, she will be ceasing work under the name "Amano Tsukiko." She isn't too clear on the details of what is to come, mostly on why she has made this decision. Everyone around her is still kind of shocked, her good friend and label owner Tokura wrote in his blog that even the day before she made the announcement he had to ask her if she was really going through with it, despite having talked it over with her quite a bit earlier.

As most everyone knows, Howling was released with the possibility of it being her last single. That is probably one of the reasons why they released it with the PV. She says she was fine with that at the time and I believe that ever since, nearly a year and a half previous, she has had this in her head for quite some time. She says she wants to return to the zero, to a place of infinite possibility where she can start from the beginning, to walk forward again. She feels she has said everything she has wanted to say and while she is ceasing work on the outside, she is going to continue on a musician. While this news is really hard hitting to her fans, with projects like Himitsu Circle Tiger and A Lunch along the way, I think what we are seeing is an artist's true loyalty to her craft and to her fans. Rather than repeat herself she wants to continue to create more, to create new, and perhaps the time has come for her to stop working as Amano Tsukiko and try something radically different. At any rate she has been under the indie label for a while and her fan base has been supporting her incredibly well, but I sincerely doubt she gets the exposure that she deserves. So perhaps with a new venture a larger label and a good record deal could be had. I've had this news in my head for about two days now so I'm alright with it but at first I was pretty shocked and upset.

Anyways, you can read the translation I posted over on Voice Over Forums here:


and join in the ongoing discussion about the news, her latest single, and new album!!!
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ゼロの調律 Released? [July
→31st at 9:57pm]

[ mood | busy ]

According to amanotsukiko.com, Zero no Chouritsu has been released.


 ¥1,050(TAX IN)

 6th Single


Appropriately, does anyone have this CD, or has it been not released to the Internet yet?
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ゼロの調律 and Zero album. [July
→27th at 4:03pm]

If you haven't seen the new Fatal Frame 4 trailer, you can hear a bit of the chorus to Amano's new song ゼロの調律 (Zero no Chouritsu).


It means something like "The Tuning of Zero" (as in tuning a musical instrument). There is also an English version of the song, supposedly, that was performed at her Himenobori live in April. The title of the English version is Just Call My Name (we suppose!), but there's no sign that it'll be release.

She said that since the title of the game has something to do with the moon and she already has a song called Moon (and considering her name), she decided to focus on the "Zero" part of the title.

A PV for the song has also been shot. In her blog she said it was going to be a simple PV with just her and her band and their instruments against a white backdrop. Think what you will.

The album "Zero" is slated for release on September 3rd!

We already know a number of track titles:

Zero no Chouritsu/Just Call My Name
Itodenwa (that string telephone made with two cans..haha)

And thanks to rose_revolution, we know that while recording Itodenwa, Amano started crying!

It makes me anxious for this album to be released. It's been so long since we've gotten an album with original, previously unreleased songs from her. I just know it's going to blow us away.
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Tsukiko's new release [July
→10th at 6:25pm]

Hi everyone! It seems no updates here for a long time.

I've checked Amano's OHP yesterday, and I found that she will release new single at the end of this month called 「ゼロの調律」, and it becomes the theme song of the new zero project game of wii. For every overseas fans, we can pre-order it on www.hmv.co.jp now~~

Moreover, her new album 「ZERO」will be released on September. Unfortunately, only who has Japan address could join the pre-order function. (QAQ I'm not living in Japan) First 2000 people can get the limited version of the new album. 


Here is the new updates in Amano's OHP. That's it~ ^^ Goodnight~
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→10th at 10:17pm]

Hi! I have a new community & i made some icons!!
please check out my community and watch the icons! ^^

Togainu no Chi
Shiina Ringo
Tsukiko Amano [18]
Tommy Heavenly6
Ai Otsuka


If you want to see the rest click: HERE
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